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GrabIt Plugin


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Start Building Authority Sites on the Fly (Easier than Curation)

The biggest feature of the GrabIt plugin is that you can just enter a URL of a page, select the content you want and insert it into your website in seconds without copying or pasting a thing... it's super easy.

This allows you to create content easily, you could throw up a brand new site this morning and flood it with content before sundown allowing you to build an authority site of your own with large content library that Google and visitors love almost effortlessly.

Here's some of the SUPER BENEFITS of using the GrabIt Plugin on Your Site Right Now

Huge Authority Site with Fresh Contents

You'll easily pull trending news and contents from authority sources in your niche and drag them onto your own site to build up your own huge content library filled up with trusted information and resources that will get your site an authority status in search engines and with your visitors.

Unlimited Media Rich Content

GrabIt plugin doesn't just pull in boring articles and blog posts, it's a charged up solution that will indulge with all sorts of media including video, photos, gifs, html/iframe embeds and the right ingredients that will make your contents sparkle with engagement.

True Visitor Engagement

LOTS of fresh content + MEDIA RICH content => the ultimate visitor engagement!

Plain old articles bore everybody, the best way to power up interaction and engagement on your site is to make sure your supply your visitors with fresh, trending content that has videos, memes and photos to make them spend more time on your sites and GrabIt plugin delivers the best of both worlds.

Fast Google First Page Rankings

Nothing tells Google that your site is ripe for MULTIPLE first page rankings like having hundreds of posts on your site targeting 100s of long tail keywords and generating lots of visitor engagement in the process, you won't even need a single backlink to grab your top positions for 100s of long-tail keywords in Google, GrabIt plugin makes it happen.

Go Viral & Pull inMassive Load of Traffic

You can grab funny memes, internet humours, viral videos/photos and trending topics right onto your site and start going viral on social media immediately... again, you don't really do any work and it's just so much fun watching this powerful plugin get you steady flow of viral traffic on daily basic

Monetise Your Site in Seconds

With GrabIt, you won't just be publishing random posts and contents on your site, you can pull in your Shopify stores, Amazon store, Digital product sales funnels right into your site and have your site monetised and ready to make money immediately.

Works for All Origin Builder & WordPress sites

Everything Wordpress... Origin Builder or Non Origin Builder sites, GrabIt will work for you.

Fully Mobile Responsive

Whether your visitors are using a mobile phone or a tablet or computer... YOU'LL BE READY.

UNLIMITED Site License

Use this plugin on unlimited sites that you personally own and use

Works with All Languages

Regardless of your region or language of your site or target audience, GrabIt will work for you.

Are You Ready to EFFORTLESSLY Create Content Rich Authority Site thatGenerates Mass Traffic and Autopilot Profits Instantly without Doing Any Work?

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GrabIt Plugin

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