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Reseller Licenses

We'll give you FULL reseller license to our Origin Engage (Animate) and Origin GrabIt plugins, both products are hot seller plugins inside of our Origin Builder upgrade funnel and they're fully standalone so you can use them on NON-Origin Builder sites seamlessly.

These 2 products focuses exclusively on adding highly engaging animations and pulling in authority contents on your site with plug n' play ease and every website owner wants them for himself.

With this powerful license, you can start reselling them yourself as your software for $67 a pop or even better... put them together as a 2-in-1 bundle fire-sale for $97 and watch your audience pick it up like hot cakes (heck, you could even throw it as a "buy 1 get 1 free" kind of deal).

Just selling 100 pieces of it will put in $9,700 into your bank account so let me ask you...

Can you sell 100 pieces of "buy 1 get 1 free deal" in a month? Isn't that too easy?

It is and that's how you set yourself on a part of solid $10,000 per month income without creating a single product yourself - just do same thing every month to keep the cash flow pumping.


Commercial License to Build, Rent and Sell Websites or Landing Pages to Clients & Businesses

If you really want to make a lot of money, the secret is in building, renting and selling websites and landing pages to local businesses and your clients, they always pay high ticket fees for professional websites and landing pages to sell their products and get customer leads.

Now with this special commercial license, you'll now be to build and rent/sell industry-standard websites to local businesses, eCommerce stores, marketers etc. and have every website look great and unique every single time... it won't take you more than 30 minutes to build from scratch or with a template all just with using your Origin Builder software.

You can charge as much as $997 per website and from our experience, many clients order 2 - 3 websites/landing pages in one go.

And you can created UNLIMITED sites and landing pages for unlimited clients in unlimited niches.

Just think to yourself, if only you could use this commercial license to sell at least 10 websites monthly (just 10), that's a solid $10,000 income for you.


These 2 steps alone will have you profiting from Origin Builder like a wildfire and when you realise that all you need to do to start enjoying these great benefits is to lock in your access to Origin Builder Reseller Package... you'll FLIP!

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PRO Agency

  • ORIGIN BUILDER Commercial
  • ORIGIN BUILDER Templates Commercial
  • ORIGIN GRABIT Reseller License
  • ORIGIN ENGAGE Reseller License

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  • ORIGIN BUILDER Commercial
  • ORIGIN BUILDER Templates Commercial
  • ORIGIN GRABIT Reseller License
  • ORIGIN ENGAGE Reseller License

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